Graffiti should be ‘dead’ in modern age - O’Dowd

Councillor Mark O'Dowd at the scene of graffiti removal
Councillor Mark O'Dowd at the scene of graffiti removal

GRAFFITI writers in Taghnaven have been told to use modern technology to get their message across instead of writing on walls by a local Sinn Fein Councillor.

Councillor Mark O’Dowd was speaking after the NI Housing Executive removed graffiti from fencing at Dingwell Flats.

“The days of using graffiti as a means of getting a message across to the public had become redundant with the advent of the internet and mobile phone,” said the Sinn Fein councillor.

“Texting and social media provide a simple means of communicating a message while painting slogans on walls or fences is unsightly and flies in the face of the good work currently being undertaken by the local community.”

Mr O’Dowd thanked the Housing Executive for their prompt response.

He said: “Local residents have been actively engaged in a partnership with council, Housing Executive and other statutory agencies to give the estate a facelift and improve the local environment.

“When this graffiti appeared they immediately contacted me as a local representative and I contacted the local Housing Executive office. I would like to publicly thank the Executive for their prompt action in removing this graffiti.”

Mr O’Dowd said that following discussion with residents Council had introduced regular litter patrols in the areas around Taghnevan flats and shops as part of a campaign to improve the appearance of the estate.

“Community associations have developed better relationships with the statutory agencies and with the aid of Neighbourhood Renewal funding are working to improve the quality of life for local residents.

“No one with the genuine interests of the community at heart would carry out any action that goes against this good work.”