Group dealing with anti-social behaviour issue

A public meeting on anti-social behaviour within the Craigavon borough was held recently.

Councillor Gemma McKenna, chair of the Craigavon policing and Community Safety Partnership (PCSP), said: “The PCSP have listened to the concerns within the community regarding anti-social behaviour and are committed to working with residents and statutory agencies to tackle the issues.

“The public meeting gave people the opportunity to engage with a number of agencies including the Housing Executive, Southern Education and Library Board, PSNI, Probation Board and Youth Justice and environmental health officers from Craigavon Borough Council.

“A number of agencies work on a daily basis to tackle anti-social behaviour. It is crucial that statutory agencies continue to positively engage with communities and give them advice on what steps can be taken to deal with issues in their area.”

She added: “This was a positive and productive public meeting. We have listened to residents and have taken on board their views.

“We understand that anti-social behaviour is a blight on society and the PCSP will continue to take action to deal with this issue.

“It was evident at the meeting that people are passionate about their communities and are willing to engage in a positive fashion.

“This is only the first of a series of themed public meetings that are planned over the next few months.”