Group hear of debt to Irish soldiers

A capacity audience attended the Community Outreach Group last Wednesday.

David Scott, from the Somme Heritage Centre, presented a moving account of the role of Irish soldiers in the 1914-1918 War, recalling the debt owed to those men and the sacrifice so many of them and their families had to pay.

The group’s programme of cross-community events continues tonight (Thursday) at 8pm in St Peter’s Parish Centre.

Dr Roger Blaney, formerly of Lurgan, will be examining the tradition of historical and personal links with the Irish language developed by Irish Presbyterians from the time of the Plantation of Ulster and which continued throughout the centuries which followed, helping to ensure the very survival of the language itself in time of difficulty.

Meanwhile on December 5 at 8pm in the Jethro Centre a panel of speakers will answer questions submitted by the audience.

Questions may cover topical, religious, moral, ethical, historical or economic issues and should be submitted, as previously announced, at tonight’s meeting.

These meetings, which seek to develop and foster understanding within the community, are free of charge and are open to everyone,