Handgun and drugs found in Flush Place

Carla Lockhart
Carla Lockhart

The discovery of a handgun and drugs at a house in Flush Place last Friday night has been described as a “worrying development”.

Police seized a firearm and arrested a 33-year-old man. A quantity of herbal cannabis was also seized.

“This is a worrying turn of events in a very settled area,” said MLA Stephen Moutray. “I was made aware of the situation whilst attending an event in Jethro on Friday evening.

“This area is a very settled location with Kings Park Primary School and several businesses nearby this location. Children and young people walk these streets regularly and it is horrifying to think that this type of activity is going on behind closed doors.”

“I would encourage people to be vigilant, there is no place in our society for this type of activity and those involved must face the full rigours of the law.” And he called for tough sentences to be imposed on people found guilty of offences. “The frustration comes were these individuals get a slap on the wrist and no further action is taken,” he added. “It is essential that the courts award appropriate sentencing for this type of activity.

“There needs to be a very clear deterrent in the form of sentencing. I would commend the PSNI for their actions and the community for coming forward with information. On speaking with the PSNI the previous day they emphasised the need for further community reporting and the need to work together to tackle these crimes.”

Cllr Carla Lockhart said:“This is an extremely worrying turn of events. I would commend the PSNI for their actions and welcome the fact that these items have been taken out of circulation. It is essential that we all play our part in making safe the community.”

A PSNI spokesperson said: “Police have seized a firearm and arrested a man during a search in Lurgan. The handgun was found by officers carrying out a search under the Misuse of Drugs Act in Flush Place earlier today. A quantity of herbal cannabis was also seized. The 33-year-old suspect was questioned and subsequently released on bail pending further enquiries.”