Have you lost a new but slightly mucky headstone, ask PSNI

Headstone found in Lurgan town centre
Headstone found in Lurgan town centre

A marble headstone has been found by police patrolling the streets of Lurgan today.

Local police also discovered a flat screen TV in a residential area close to the town centre.

Posting on Facebook, Craigavon PSNI said: “Imagine our surprise when touring about the Sloan Street area of Lurgan we come across these items - a marble headstone and plinth.

“The headstone is new but slightly mucky. Also located was a black Sony flat screen TV.

“If you are missing any of these items please contact Lurgan Enquiry Office between Mon-Fri between 11am-7pm. You will be requires to.provide proof of ownership.”

The local police have discovered some extremely unusual items lately including expensive door knobs, brass door bells and clown paintings.