Having fun in the snow at Lurgan Ski Slope

Staff at Lurgan Ski Slope are having a great day at work today skiing in the snow.

Sean McConville and Charlene Woods with other members of staff thoroughly enjoyed the snow covered slope as you can see from the video.

Ski Slope in Lurgan

Ski Slope in Lurgan

Sean, from Lurgan, has been working at the Ski Slope for eight years and though it is normally a dry slope today they had a great morning enjoying the snow.

The 26-year-old who teaches beginners and intermediate skiing, said it was a great day to be at work.

He used his iPhone to video behind colleague Charlene as she skied down the slope.

Charlene wrote on her Facebook page: “Getting paid to ski on this bad boy all day at work. Some days I love my job and today is one off them.”

For more information about events at the Ski Slope and how to get skiing, contact www.craigavonactivity.org