Donaghy resigns from health trust

Colm Donaghy
Colm Donaghy

A former Chief Executive of the Southern Health Trust, Colm Donaghy, has resigned as Chief Executive of the Belfast Health and Social Care Trust

He had held the Belfast post for almost four years.

The Belfast Health Trust has been in the spotlight with its emergency department at the Royal Victoria Hospital (RVH) coming under extensive pressure.

According to the BBC Mr Donaghy, who joined the health service in 1992, has been offered a post elsewhere.

Since the start of the new year there has been growing pressure on the emergency department at the RVH in Belfast.

Breached targets culminating in a major incident being called at the end of January triggered the question of who was being held accountable.

In a BBC interview at the time, Mr Donaghy said he would not resign and would continue to do the job as best he could.

Mr Donaghy was appointed to the chief executive’s job on the Belfast Health and Social Care Trust in August 2010.

Prior to that he held the post of chief executive of the Northern trust where he had been under constant criticism for problems at Antrim Area Hospital.

He has also held the post of chief executive of the Southern Health and Social Services Trust.