Hospital appeal over smoking

THE Southern Health and Social Care Trust has appealed to the public to keep buildings and entrances at Craigavon Area Hospital smoke free.

Dr Gillian Rankin, Director of Acute Services for the Trust explained: “Smoking at the front of the hospital exposes people entering the building to tobacco smoke and causes smoke to enter the Hospital building, impacting on patient care.

“Whilst visitors accept and follow regulations that no smoking is allowed within hospital buildings, there are problems arising from people smoking close to hospital entrances and windows.”

Dr Rankin added: “We appeal to everyone coming to our hospitals to help us protect patients, visitors and staff from the harmful effects of tobacco smoke. If you smoke please use the smoking shelter provided which is located directly outside the Hospital.

“Stopping smoking is the single most important thing a person can do to improve their health and quitting smoking before coming into hospital can enhance recovery and shorten lengths of stay in hospital. Free help to quit smoking is available from the Trust Smoking Cessation service.”