Loss of nearly eight stone opens a host of new hobbies to Peter

Peter before and after.
Peter before and after.
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A Waringstown man has shed an amazing seven and a half stone following an ultimatum from his doctor.

Peter May (44), who had been almost 24 stone, told the ‘MAIL’: “My weight never really annoyed me before.

“I never though much of it and I had no incentive to lose weight.

“I stopped smoking a couple of years ago after smoking for 25 years so I knew I had the willpower.

“The crunch came when my doctor told me that if I did nothing for three to six months I would be diabetic.

“My doctor recommended WeightWatchers which suited me because my partner Amanda was a member.”

The former pupil of King’s Park, Lurgan Junior High and Lurgan Tech said: “I started on August 28 so it’s coming up on a year. At present I’ve lost over seven and a half stone, heading towards eight.

“I think being part of a big group such as WeightWatchers is important. A lot of men have reservations about going to WeightWatchers with a group mainly consisting of women. I personally find that everyone goes out of their way to make you welcome, so for me, it isn’t an issue.”

He continued: “I was a big eater of convenience food, I’ve cut that out almost completely. Almost all our meals now are home cooked.

“I’m eating more now than before, just the right stuff. It’s been a lifestyle change more than a diet.”

He continued: “I started the gym in November. Before that I’d been too big and unfit to exercise at an effective level.

“Through time with my improved fitness level I completed a half marathon in May.

“My hobbies have also changed. Now I’m into keeping fit, walking, hiking. These are hobbies that, for me, didn’t exist last year.

“Ive made about £100 by selling my old oversized clothes at 60p a kilo to a local clothes bank. I now get rid of everything that doesn’t fit me so I’ve no safety net. I doubt I would’ve done this on my own without the help from Bernie Walsh (WeightWatchers leader), Ryan Flynn (Waves Leisure Complex) and my partner Amanda.”