Lung cancer deaths spiral

Upper Bann has the fifth highest number of people dying of lung cancer in Northern Ireland, according to newly released statistics.

A total of 503 people have died within the past ten years of the disease with figures close to doubling in that period. In 2003 38 people died of lung cancer in the Upper Bann area whereas in 2012 the figure had spiralled to 65.

In the Craigavon area a total of 403 people died of lung cancer in those ten years with the numbers also steadily increasing since 2003 when there were 32 deaths compared to 2012 when there were 50 deaths.

In the past 10 years 16 people in Upper Bann have died of throat cancer. This averaged between one and three people per year since 2003. The last time there were no deaths due to throat cancer was in 2011.

Three people died over the past three years of mouth cancer though there had been no deaths due to this illness between 2003 and 2009.