Mayor feeling the benefits of fitness regime at Waves

NI Manager Michael O'Neill with Craigavon Mayor Mark Baxter
NI Manager Michael O'Neill with Craigavon Mayor Mark Baxter

The hardest thing about exercise is getting up off the couch and out through the door to go.

That’s the situation I face most mornings. After many late but enjoyable nights across the borough, the early mornings can leave me feeling tired and de-motivated.

Nonetheless, I know how good it will feel after one of my three weekly early morning visits to the gym and the feeling of “almost” guilt if I don’t go. The gym gives you a spring in your step the rest of the day just what I need for a very busy Mayoral schedule.

Three weeks into the eight-week programme I can already see the benefits, not only the physiological aspect but I’ve lost over a stone. I have to say the staff at Waves are excellent.

Its been a great few weeks. I’ve found myself wanting to get more involved in activities, only last week at the Brownlow festival despite the rain I helped out the festivals committee “boat team” in a dragon boat race at the Watersports centre against the PSNI, something I would never have dreamed of doing even a short time ago. We also had the junior Sports awards where the young local sporting talent was showcased. I even offered the special guest NI manager Michael O’Neill my services as a replacement for Chris Brunt.

I thought trips to the gym would get easier, but if it wasn’t a chore it probably wouldn’t be a benefit so am beginning to push myself harder. So all in all three weeks in I’m feeling so much better in every way.