NIHE statement

THE Northern Ireland Housing Executive say they have not issued payments to the contractor involved yet as a Warranty Bond has not yet been submitted by the contractor.

A spokesperson said Mrs McCann had applied for a Disabled Facilities Grant for a ramp and shower facilities.

Work had been originally approved in August 2010 however did not start and revised recommendations were received from the Occupational Therapist.

“An amended approval for a detailed work specification and costing was issued at the end of March 2012. The appointed builder commenced work in April. The builder is not employed by the NIHE but is employed by the applicant to carry out work to their property. Fold Housing Trust is acting as the Agent to Mrs McCann to provide help through the grant application,” said a spokesman.

The NIHE said the grant aided works is based on work recommended by the Occupational Therapist and this is being reviewed. He explained as a condition of grant approval the builder must take out a warranty bond to provide insurance but the contractor had not done this and payment could not be issued until the bond had been submitted.  

He said the NIHE consider making interim payments when a substantial percentage of the works have been carried out. No payments have been processed for this case as no Warranty Bond has been submitted.