Heartless thieves steal from cars as BB boys sing carols

BOYS’ Brigade members had their cars broken into by heartless thieves as they sang carols at a local nursing home.

The incident happened on Tuesday night at Donacloney Care Home. While the Junior Boys from Waringstown Presbyterian BB were carol singing the cars of several senior members were broken into and their belongings stolen.

Waringstown Presbyterian Minister Philip Thompson was at the scene shortly after the break-ins.

He said: “The leaders, boys and some of the parents of the Junior Section of the BB go annually to Donacloney House to sing carols and do readings for the old people.

“During their time there last night, three vehicles belonging to members of the group were broken into, plus a staff member’s car. In the case of our own folk, the vehicles each had a window broken and belongings stolen.

“The police arrived and took statements and the CID was going to be checking the vehicles today for fingerprints, etc.

“This was a very upsetting incident for all involved and some of the boys were quite traumatised by it. We ensured that all of the boys got home safely and I will be offering pastoral care to the people affected.”

Police are appealing to anyone who has information in relation to these thefts to contact them in Lurgan on 0845 600 8000.

Police are also reminding motorists to take steps to make their vehicle and property secure.

Motorists should always make sure their vehicle is properly locked and secured, even if leaving it for a very short time.

Do not leave purchases or shopping bags on display in your car. If a thief sees something of value sitting in your car then they will break in to get it.

Simple precautions such as closing the windows and locking the doors of your vehicle and locking valuable items in the boot of your car, or removing the face plate from your in-car stereo system can help ensure that your valuables will be kept safe.

Improved car security features such as alarms, immobilisers and tracking devices can also help protect your vehicle and your valuables.

If you would like more advice on how to secure your property you can contact your local crime prevention officer on 0845 600 8000.