Historical society presenting WWI re-enactment


On Saturday, September 27, Brownlow House Museum and Historical Society will be holding a special WW1 commemorative day.

In September 1914, 2,500 men signed up for the Great War in the grounds of Brownlow House.

To remember this event a re-enactment of this historical occasion will take place.

A parade will leave Russell Drive at 1.30pm sharp, led by bandsmen in World War One uniforms.

Invited guests will parade in 1914 period dress.

Members of the Historical Society will parade in civilian clothing.

Everyone is invited to join in the parade to re-create the men making their way to Brownlow House to sign up.

On arrival at Brownlow House an afternoon of special events will get started.

Exhibitions, lectures, presentations, dancers, musicians and story tellers will be included.

The highlight will be two wartime concerts hosted by Harry Hamilton and friends.

A special drama production will also be given by the Ancre Somme Association.

It’s an afternoon full of events and it’s all free. All you will need is enough to buy yourself a cup of tea or refreshments.

Come and support the day, everyone very welcome.

When the Great War came in August 1914 
Lurgan men came in their thousands to enlist in the 15 Irish regiments of the period, the majority joined at the recruitment drive at Brownlow House in September 1914.