Hopes new bins sort dog fouling problem

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The installation of new litter and dog fouling bins within the Riverglade Manor estate and along the Old Portadown Road in Taghnevan by the council has been welcomed.

SDLP representative Ciaran Toman said: “The Old Portadown Road is popular with joggers and dog walkers, however, it is a long stretch of road and with the lack of litter bins, particularly for dog waste, it has been an issue for some time.

“I am delighted that council has granted the SDLP’s request for the new dual purpose litter and dog fouling bins and I trust this will go in some manner to alleviating the problem.”

He added: “The SDLP have been liaising with the Dog Control Team in council over the past few months where they have visited the Taghnevan area with a leaflet drop and also to identify repeat offenders from carrying out patrols.”

“A clean and tidy borough is a borough we can all be proud of and the SDLP will continue to lobby for strong measures in tackling such issues.”