Householders urged to be vigilant for burglars

Declan McAlinden. INLM0811-812con
Declan McAlinden. INLM0811-812con

Householders are being warned to be vigilant and keep their car keys out of reach of burglars.

The warning came from local SDLP councillor and Westminster candidate Declan McAlinden following a number of break-ins and attempted break-ins at properties in the Lurgan area.

Calling on local householders to be vigilant Councillor McAlinden said: “Burglars have been known to enter property while owners are asleep, taken car keys and made off with the owner’s car.

“It is important that every precaution is taken to secure your property and that valuables including car keys are well out of reach of intruders.”

A ‘creeper’ burglary, as it is known, is when thieves will enter your home to steal valuables, including the keys to your vehicle.

This makes it a great deal easier for criminals to access your car given the technological advances in vehicle designs. Many cars are now almost impossible to start without having a key.

To make it as difficult as possible for anyone to take your car you should:

- Not leave your car keys in open view or an obvious place. Store them away.

- Ensure your car is locked, even if it is parked on your own property.

- Always secure your home.