Housing development refused

A CRAIGAVON councillor has expressed his “delight” that a proposed building development on the Banbridge Road was refused planning permission.

Edenbrook Investments Ltd applied to erect a residential development consisting of 65 two bedroom apartments, 16 semi-detached houses and four detached houses.

The proposal was rejected because it would result in “over development” of the site and would cause “unacceptable damage to the established character of the Banbridge Road”.

It was also rejected on the grounds that it would have an “adverse effect” on existing properties through “overlooking, overshadowing and loss of light.”

The DUP’s Alderman Stephen Moutray said the planners’ rejection was welcome news.

He said: “I’m delighted that this has come through as a refusal.

“I do not want to be seen to stop any developer, but this development would have been totally inappropriate for the area.

“How can an area of land for three bungalows hold 80 flats?”

The UUP’s Alderman Meta Crozier also welcomed the planning refusal.

Deputy Mayor George Savage called for an office meeting on the matter, which he will attend, along with Alderman Moutray and Alderman Crozier.

Speaking after Monday’s mid-monthly Council meeting, Mr Moutray said: “I totally welcome this refusal.

“The plans were totally out of keeping with the area.

“While I would be sympathetic to a development on this part of the Banbridge Road, it has to be in sync with what’s already there. That would not be the case with a large block of flats.”

Mr Moutray added that the volume of traffic coming out of the proposed development would be “terrible”.

“Nowadays, most households have two cars. Now, if there were eighty apartments in there, the amount of traffic coming out of there would be overwhelming.”