Huge support for bike track

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A new campaign for a motorbike track in Lurgan has been backed by hundreds of people online.

Though just days old, calls for a motocross track in the Lurgan or Craigavon area has sparked a massive interest from both sides of the community.

Local enthusiast Chris Inglis set up a taster group to see what interest there was for a track for bikes and scramblers.

And he was astounded at the response. “Already more than 500 people have joined our Facebook page - and that was in just three days,” he said.

The 28-year-old said his aim is that a track could be built on disused land.

He said: “The positives this will have on the community can be colossal with it getting young and old off footpaths and roads onto motorbikes and taking away the risk off someone getting knocked down and even worse being killed.”

“It will also free up a lot off police time and the cost of policing as if someone is on a motorcycle getting chased there has to be a helicopter put up. It has a lot off positives. What I am trying to accomplish is taking away all those risks and setting up a safe environment for young and old to go have a good day and park the bike up.”

He said local representatives are on board as well as many parents of children who are already keen on motorbikes.

Backing the campaign is SDLP representative Thomas Larkham who says the PSNI are supportive of a properly run track.

DUP MLA Carla Lockhart is also behind the bid to create a new track.

Chris said he has been in contact with the police. “They also think it’s a great idea.

He has formed a group and they are planning to meet to discuss how they can bring the idea forward. He said they would have special days for children and for maintenance of bikes.

“We are asking the council to help us set it up and then we can run it ourselves,” he said. I’m hoping for it to be based in the craigavon area with all funding coming from the track as it will be £5-£10 a bike a day with all funds going back into the track.”

For more information contact lurgan motorcross club on Facebook or contact Chris Inglis on 07801758144