Ice bucket craze takes hold

The lads from Lurgan Rugby Club prepare for a soaking at Emerson's Yard.
The lads from Lurgan Rugby Club prepare for a soaking at Emerson's Yard.

Chilling screams have been ringing out regularly across the borough as hundreds of citizens indulge in a charity challenge that’s threatening to take over social media.

The Ice Bucket Challenge originated as a fundraising mechanism for ALS and Motor Neurone Disease and has also been used for various cancer charities.

Those taking part are allowed to nominate others to take the challenge after having been soaked to the skin in ice cold water.

Ice Bucket posts are dominating news feeds on Facebook with locals taking part in their hundreds and posting their efforts online via the social media site.

Girls from Clann Eireann Ladies Gaelic Football Club lined up to take part in the Ice Bucket Challenge in aid of Macmillan Cancer Care on Friday evening after training. They raised more than £60 and are hoping others they nominate will complete their challenge and raise even more money.

The lads from Lurgan Rugby Club also got in on the act with a spectacular soaking in Norman Emerson’s yard at Derryadd on Tuesday night. The team lined up under the bucket of a digger and were duly soaked as it emptied its contents over the players, who despite the icy shock were in good tune afterwards.

Staff at Brownlow House also got a soaking in aid of a good cause and local politicians have been keen to get in on the trend.

At the ‘MAIL’, content editor Clint Aiken was singled out for the challenge by Westminster MP David Simpson. It made a change for the Clint to end up in cold water rather than hot water.

Reporter Graeme Cousins, who also received a nomination, discusses the pros and cons of the Ice Bucket Challenge in his column this week on page 18.