Identical twins share name with royal baby

A pair of identical twins from Donaghcloney have more reason than most to celebrate the arrival of Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge.

George and Louie Dreaning became Royal namesakes when William and Kate decided to name their baby boy after three former kings.

The Donaghcloney twins’ mum, Lorna, explained that they’d deliberately given their boys, now seven, regal names.

“George is George Henry and Louie is Louie Charles. They were specifically named after kings. Their sister (Joy) was studying history when they were born and was very interested in the kings.

The twins’ father Roy added: “We wanted to give them very special names because they were so special to us. They still are. It was a shock that we were having twins, but a very pleasant shock.

“If it had been triplets we were thinking of calling them Huey, Dewey and Louie, but I don’t think that would have had the same regal ring to it.”

As well as George and Louie, Lorna and her husband Roy, a pastor at Queen Street Methodist Church, have three other children - Joy (23), Tom (22) and Timothy (14).

Lorna said: “The boys were very excited to have the same names as the new Prince. They’ve been very interested to see how the baby is doing.”

The identical twins were born one minute apart and Lorna admitted there were times when she couldn’t tell the difference.

“We don’t always get it right,” she said. “There’s time when one of them comes into the room on his own and I’ve no idea which one it is.

“As they get older they’re developing traits which help tell them apart. For example one kicks with their left foot while the other kicks with his right. At the moment it’s easy to tell them apart as Louie has chicken pox. George had it a week ago.”

George and Louis go to Donaghcloney Primary School where they will be going into primary four next year.

The family have been living in Donaghcloney for the past 25 years having built their own house there.