Illegal drugs found in town police raids

DRUG raids across Lurgan have scooped a variety of illegal substances from the streets.

Police removed Class B drugs and mephedrone as well as herbal cannabis in a number of raids across the town.

Police had received reports of rowdy youths in the Dill Avenue area on March 15 but when they arrived the arear was quiet.

However the officers from Lurgan Neighbourhood Policing maintained a presence and carried out patrols of the local area.

During the early hours of Saturday, 16 March, officers spoke to a 21 year old man in nearby Rectory Road. He was found in possession of two bags of mephedrone which were seized by police. The man was reported to the PPS.

In a separate incident, police on patrol in the Flush Place area spoke to the driver of a parked car on Sunday, 17 March.

A quantity of herbal cannabis was recovered from the car and the 30 year old man was reported to the PPS.

Constable Grimason, Lurgan NPT, said: “The local community in Lurgan has highlighted illegal drugs as a priority and we are committed to tackling this problem.

“In the first incident concerns from the community assisted us in targeting our patrols and removing mephedrone from the streets.

“We want to help young people avoid drugs and we would ask the community to continue to support us and work with us to educate our young people about the dangers of drugs and antisocial behaviour and how they can make the right decisions.

“If you have concerns or would like to speak to Lurgan Neighbourhood Policing Team about ways we can work together, please contact us on 0845 600 8000.”