Illegal dumping cause for concern across town area

A cabinet dumped at Glenavon Lane.
A cabinet dumped at Glenavon Lane.

CRAIGAVON Council have issued an appeal after a series of fly tipping incidents in Lurgan this week.

The incidents included a mattress dumped on Brownlow Road just before Drumbeg Roundabout, bags of rubbish dumped in lay-bys at Monbrief East Road and a cabinet dumped at Glenavon Lane.

A council spokesperson said: “These are not only unsightly but dangerous as one large storage unit was dumped on an unlit road. Waste Management is removing these items but this diverts the team from keeping the borough clean elsewhere. People are reminded that if they see anyone fly tipping or dumping rubbish they can report this either on line or by calling 3833 9031.

“Council is grateful for the public’s co-operation and want to thank those people who do take the time and effort to report fly tipping and bring dumped rubbish to our attention.

“On a brighter note it has to be said that we are already noticing a difference regarding plastic bags – whilst there are still some to be found in hedgerows, etc you can already see a difference throughout Craigavon.”