Illegal forecourt dismantled in fuel raid

AN illegal fuel forecourt in Lurgan has been closed down and dismantled following a raid by custom authorities.

The raid was part of a wider operation which has led to the arrest of two men and a woman from Belfast following raids on several properties connected with a suspected fuel laundering business.

Customs officials and police raided three houses in the city on Thursday, removing computers and business records.

A second illegal forecourt has also been shut down in Belfast.

Forecourt pumps, equipment and 2,200 litres of illicit fuel were seized.

In an unconnected case, a man from County Tyrone man was arrested following the discovery of a diesel laundering plant in Coalisland.

HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) said the plant, hidden in a shed at a private property, was capable of producing 1.4m litres of illicit fuel a year.

Over two tonnes of toxic waste, 3,000 litres of illicit fuel, pumps and equipment were removed from the Coalisland site.

The man has since been released from custody pending further enquiries.