Inner Wheel host coffee morning

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Despite a very snowy morning, the Lurgan Inner Wheel club welcomed quite a number of friends to a coffee morning at Anne Millar’s home.

This is an annual affair when they raise money for charities.

It was so heartening to have the support of folks from Lurgan and further afield. They always come up trumps and the club made in excess of £500 for local Inner Wheel charities. Thank you to all who gave so generously.

At the February meeting Edwin Cairns, an officer from N.I. Trading Standards spoke about scams.

At the moment these are rife, on the internet, through the post or by a knock on the door.

No matter who you are you could be sucked in and lose a substantial amount of money.

Never give out bank details over the phone to someone you do not know.

Do not give away a small amount of money thinking you’ll make more. Beware.

The club has three new members recently, and some members are planning to attend the National Conference in Glasgow in April.