Irwin welcomes McElduff resignation but calls on Sinn Fein to do more

William Irwin MLA with some relatives of the Kingsmills massacre
William Irwin MLA with some relatives of the Kingsmills massacre

The resignation of Sinn Fein’s Barry McElduff has been welcomed by DUP MLA William Irwin.

It follows the West Tyrone MPs fall from grace after posting a video of himself with a loaf of Kingsmills bread on his head on the day of the south Armagh massacre.

Ten workmen were killed on January 1976 and many of the relatives of those who were killed found the video distasteful and upsetting.

Mr Irwin described teh video as ‘despicable’ and said SF’s sanction against Mr McElduff was ‘lenient’.

“His resignation was the only course of action possible given the indescribable anguish and hurt caused to the families of the victims of this horrific sectarian massacre.

“Pressure has rightly been maintained on Mr McElduff and Sinn Fein and this has obviously resulted in today’s announcement. My thoughts continue to be with the Kingsmills families and indeed all of the innocent victims across the country. I know they continue to feel deeply hurt by this entire issue.

“Whilst welcoming this move by McElduff I would call on his party to tackle the sectarian undertones that pervade the SF mind set. These need to be addressed and dealt with. Eulogising and glorifying terrorists who have committed some of the most heinous crimes must stop. A clear demonstration of this is to remove the ‘McCreesh’ name from a children’s play park in Newry. Only when this happens will the minority Unionist community in Newry and Bessbrook believe that Sinn Fein are genuine in their belated shame for the IRA’s part in the Kingsmills atrocity.”