‘Issues at club’ prompt director’s resignation

Graeme Hunter appeals for Lurgan on Saturday. INLM28-719.
Graeme Hunter appeals for Lurgan on Saturday. INLM28-719.

After a 38 year association with Lurgan Rugby and Cricket Club, Graeme Hunter has severed all ties with the club.

In a text to parents and coaches of mini-rugby players the club’s director cited issues at the club as being the reason he’s leaving.

As well as directing operations at the club, Graeme, the son of former British Lions player Ray, was the youth development officer and one of the cricket section’s most decorated players.

It’s understood other members of the Hunter family have also left the club following Graeme’s departure.

It puts in jeopardy the club’s ambitious development proposal which Graeme and his brother Alan, in his role as president, had been instrumental in leading.

In a text to P2/P3 parents and coaches Graeme said: “Some of you may have noticed I haven’t been coaching at mini-rugby over the past 2-3 weeks. Due to some issues at the club I had withdrawn all my volunteering time over the past few weeks. Due to these same issues I have now decided to leave my employment at the club with effect from February 28, though I still have commitments through Ulster Rugby to coach in local schools until March 31. I will be severing all links with the club after a 38 year association, which is extremely disappointing. However, I wish you and your children all the best for the future and I would encourage your children to continue playing mini-rugby. It is a great sport which can help them stay fit and make friends.”

Neither Graeme or Lurgan Rugby and Cricket Club would make any further comment on the high profile departure when approached by the ‘MAIL’.