It’s a close shave for Cancer Research

Janine (middle) with her Auntie Sharon Harrison and mum Pauline Hogg before the head shaving party
Janine (middle) with her Auntie Sharon Harrison and mum Pauline Hogg before the head shaving party

“The love shown from everyone has given me strength to know I can fight any battle with pride and with the love of wonderful people.”

These were the words of 29 year-old Janine Hogg talking about the ‘head shaving party’ where family and friends gathered to support her as she goes through chemotherapy.

Janine, who was recently diagnosed with cancer for the second time having been given the all-clear last June, has just completed her second session of chemotherapy.

Distressed at the thoughts of loosing her hair, stepmum Pauline decided to have her head shaved too as she didn’t want Janine to be the only one with a bald head.

Soon aunt Sharon Harrison agreed to join in and the idea of a head shaving party and fundraiser for Cancer Research came to life. Several male relatives also agreed to have their hair dyed pink.

Mum Pauline said: “The night went really well. It was good although there were a few tears.

“Getting my head shaved was fine - it was actually quite liberating. I notice now if there’s a breeze about, but in the shower it just takes two seconds to sort my hair and I don’t need to worry any more about straighteners or hairdryers.

“When it was Janine’s turn she was a little bit teary, but she got over that wobble again.

“She has very long hair so I plaited it and cut it and I’ll keep the plait, but she looks really amazing. She really suits her hair short.”

“My two brothers got their hair dyed pink, the children all got their hair sprayed pink and Janine’s partner Emmanuel went as far as having his hair permanently dyed pink, but because it is so dark, it actually turned out more of a purple! And as for our bald man - he volunteered to have a pink beard sprayed on.”

Maureen Ward, Pauline’s mum, was also proud of her family.

She said: “Today my daughter Pauline shaved all of her hair off to support Janine, my granddaughter in law, who is fighting cancer and will lose her hair, and also Sharon her aunt. Well done. All the guys dyed their hair pink and what a good laugh we had. God bless you all.”

Janine admits it wasn’t easy to share the photos and video on Facebook. She said: “Please know it took a lot of courage for me to put these videos up so publicly when I’m still coming to terms with it all, but the amount of money being raised for charity gave me the courage.”

Janine has so far raised almost £900 but says money is still coming in. To support Janine visit