‘It’s time to shake things up,’ says TUV candidate

Roy Ferguson
Roy Ferguson

“It’s time to shake things up,” says TUV Upper Bann candidate Roy Ferguson.

As he lodged his nomination papers Mr Ferguson said: “With waiting lists out of control, health in free fall, jobs in jeopardy and schools demanding badly needed funding it is scandalous that Stormont is sending tens of thousands of pounds of our money literally up in smoke every day.

“There has never been a time when public confidence in the political establishment was lower. It is time to drain the swamp. Only TUV is serious about this.

“All the other parties are asking for a mandate to return to the same failed system which we have seen time and again simply cannot work. TUV, on the other hand, is advocating radical reform.

“If we cannot move towards voluntary coalition as operates in other parts of the UK when a single party cannot command a majority then we should have government by British Ministers but with the vital difference from direct rule of those Ministers being accountable to the Assembly.

“Such a system would remove the Ministers and SpAds who have proved themselves to be not up to the job.

“It’s time to shake things up.

“I would appeal to those disappointed and fed up with politics not to sit at home or worse still make the same mistake again by voting for the party of failure against their better judgment but to come out and support a party with a vision which mover beyond the failures of the past.”