Judge saddened at drink problem

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The judge at Craigavon Magistrates Court last Friday told a 25-year-old man it pained her to see someone so young who had ‘given up and wants to drink himself to death’.

She was sentencing in the case of Christian Barclay, Selshion Parade, Portadown, who admitted a series of offences which happened on February 9 this year.

They were common assault on a male and female, disorderly behaviour at premises on High Street, Portadown, making a threat to destroy property.

Barclay’s barrister said his client had been a binge drinker his entire teenage and adult life. He added that on this day he had a fight with his girlfriend and took drink.

Barclay appeared in custody in the dock and the lawyer said he had a matter in Belfast in two weeks time.

District Judge, Mrs Bernie Kelly, said: “I’m old enough to be your mother and hope I have a few more years in me yet. Life is precious and you only get one go at it. It pains me to see someone so young give up and wants to drink themselves to death.”

The judge suggested that he should speak to prison welfare who would put him in touch with someone who would give him help and support when he left prison.

“This was a nasty incident. It was drink fuelled and you behaved appalling,” she told the defendant.

For each of the charges she imposed a two month prison sentence with all of them to run concurrently.