Kelly condemns government “spin”

SDLP MLA Dolores Kelly has slammed the “shameful spin” put on the findings of the Rosemary Nelson report.

Mrs Kelly attacked Secretary of State Owen Patterson the day after the release of the report, accusing him of doing an “injustice” to the Inquiry team.

“I welcome the report and I think its contents are very comprehensive,” she said.

“Obviously the conclusions of the report make for alarming reading.

“The spin that the Secretary of State put on the report was disgraceful and did the Inquiry team and the family an injustice. He has played down the more serious aspects of the report and that is unjustifiable.”

Mrs Kelly continued: “The findings of the report confirm what many people around at the time already knew. We knew that she had been vilified and threatened by the security forces and that she did not receive adequate protection.

“The same group of people had murdered Pat Finucane ten years previously, so we knew what they were capable of.

“The key question is whether or not Rosemary would be alive today if she was protected. And everyone knows that is the case.”