Kelly says Omagh families deserve the truth

Dolores Kelly.
Dolores Kelly.

Dolores Kelly has pledged to support families affected by the Omagh bomb following the release of excerts of a report raising concerns that it could have been prevented.

The Upper Bann MLA has backed the families’ call for a full public inquiry after claims there was a failure to share intelligence which could have prevented the bomb.

“It is 15 years since Omagh was devastated by a vicious Real IRA bomb which killed, maimed and destroyed the town. It traumatised not only those who were directly affected, but their families and loved ones and continues to have a negative impact as those responsible evade the law.

“I was pleased to be able attend the event today to support Michael Gallagher and the rest of the Omagh bomb families as they called for a full public inquiry into the atrocity.

“The families have now released parts of a report commissioned three years ago into the investigations on both sides of the border. It was presented to the British and Irish governments a year ago to no response.

“The victims of the Omagh atrocity need and deserve the truth about what happened and information about the gathering and sharing of intelligence material is vital. It is important not only for the families but to ensure that a similar tragedy cannot reoccur.

“I spoke at the event to commend Michael Gallagher and the rest of the Omagh families for their tenacity, bravery and determination in keeping the Omagh bombing and the aftermath on the agenda of the British and Irish governments over the past 15 years. Promises were made by a President, Prime Minister and Taoiseach and now it is time to deliver.

“What the Omagh families want is no different to the victims of other tragedies, such as Kingsmills and Ballymurphy. They all want the truth. They all deserve no less.”