Kenny’s hands make light work

LOCAL electrician Kenny Thompson has taken on a job with a difference - going to Zimbabwe to allow churchgoers to ‘see the light’.

Kenny will be on the trip with Pastor Marcus Thomas from the town’s Bridge Community Church. The two are neighbours and Marcus talked Kenny into helping out, although Kenny admits it didn’t take too much persuasion.

Marcus will be taking the trip to try and move a water project the church is supporting forward.

Kenny’s role will be in doing some electrical work at the Siphezini Church. He is financing the trip himself and thanked all those who had supported him.

The first time Pastor Marcus visited the church he preached by the light of a candle. Last year they had a single light bulb. By the time Kenny finishes it’s hoped the church will have a lighting system.

All the tools Kenny will need for his work have been donated by Northern Ireland Electricity. Kenny thanked Raymond McMenamy of NIE for his support of the project.

Kenny will also be working at the Jabulani Children’s Home and on a further church building project.

Marcus explained: “The church in Epworth meets under plastic sheeting. Pastor Joshua leads the church and we would like to help him build a church.

“The plans were discussed last year and various ideas were spoken about. We will be looking at the final drawings and then take the next step in seeking planning permission.”

Kenny said he was looking forward to the trip and is glad to have all the injections behind him - the last was apparently a painful experience!