Keys found in woman’s underwear

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When police found drunken people in a van on the hard shoulder of the M1 there was no key in the ignition.

No-one would say who was driving but the key for the vehicle was later found in the underwear of a female in the van.

Bernard Paul Doherty (34) and Mary Martha McGinley, both of Acorn Grove, Monbrief, Craigavon, admitted obstructing a constable on August 2 last year.

The court heard that around 2am police saw the van on the M1 and there were three people present. They claimed that the owner was away to get help and nobody knew where the ignition key was or would say who was driving.

They were taken to Musgrave station and the key was located in McGinley’s underwear. She admitted taking it and hiding it in her underwear.

Doherty said he didn’t know who was driving.

Mr Peter Murphy, representing both defendants, said that both of them were highly intoxicated.

He said that they accepted someone had handed over the key but there were quite a few people in the vehicle.

Fining each defendant £750, with a £15 offender’s levy, Deputy District Judge Joe Rice said that would dampen their enthusiasm for weekends on the M1.