Khrisnas in the town

MEMBERS of the Hare Krishna faith caused a stir when they visited the town in December 1974.

The eight ‘disciples’ came to administer the gospel to townsfolk but their ‘way out’ appearance had a rather adverse effect and most people cautiously avoided them.

Dressed in long flowing robes with crew cut hair and a streak of yellow paint across their faces they handed out leaflets and then proceeded to ‘give away’ long playing records about their faith, quickly taking them back if a donation of over £1 was not offered.

They walked into stores and banks asking for money to support the starving millions in Bangladesh although many Christmas shoppers regarded them as just another gimmick.

Before going off in different directions the eight people, some of whom didn’t know which town they were in, held a brief ceremony, much to the amusement of passers-by.