Kicked door at mother’s home


A 20 year old man was sentenced to a total of seven months in custody when he appeared last Friday at Craigavon Magistrates Court.

He was Stewart Colin Alexander Agnew, Enniskeen, Craigavon, and he admitted a series of offences.

For disorderly behaviour on December 15 at West Street, Portadown, he was given a two month term.

Sentences of two months for damage to a door and three months for assault on a police officer on December 24 are to run concurrently with each other but consecutively to the first sentence.

Agnew was also given two months in custody for breach of a non molestation order on February 16 this year to run consecutively to the other terms making a total of seven months in custody.

The court heard that on December 15 he was seen kicking shutters at West Street. He was warned about his behaviour and police offered to take him home but he said he would get a taxi.

Then staff at a bar called police about the defendant. They offered to get him a taxi but he was abusive to them.

On December 24 a neighbour reported that the defendant was going mad outside a house.

He kicked a door and a glass pane shattered.

Agnew was heavily intoxicated and was being verbally and physically aggressive. He kicked an officer on the leg.

At 1.15pm on February 16 the defendant’s mother said he had pushed past her into her home in Lurgan in breach of a non molestation order.

A solicitor for Agnew described him and a ‘Jeykll and Hyde’ character and under the influence of alcohol he was a different character.

On the first occasion, he added, police had tried to help him to get home after a night out and he made statements he was not proud of.

On the second occasion he had gone to his mother’s house. She was not there so he broke the window and lashed out at police.

He explained that on the third occasion he had gone to the home of his mother. He was aware of the terms of the order but it was difficult for him to accept.

District Judge, Mr Mervyn Bates, said Agnew was acquiring something of a considerable record.