Kiln Lane speed cut plans

Kiln Lane.
Kiln Lane.

The speed limit in Kiln Lane is to be reduced after angry residents lobbied for action as it has become a dangerous rat run, following the establishment of traffic lights at Silverwood Road

SDLP Cllr Declan McAlinden met with Transport NI officials last week following meetings with residents of Kiln Lane regarding calls to improve the traffic problems.

“This has been going on for years and the fact we had another meeting at TNI’s request makes me feel optimistic that we are finally going to get a successful outcome. They have agreed to put a request with support from PSNI to reduce the speed limit from 40 to 30mph giving them more strength to implement Traffic Calming measures.

“This has to be welcomed and although things are not moving as quickly as everyone would want, I hope all concerned will appreciate and understand the complexities of these situations and be patient. TNI are inundated with traffic calming requests daily and hopefully in the not to distant future we will have a favorable outcome for all the residents of Kiln Lane .”