King Conor’s 
Supper at the 
Navan Centre

King Conor's Supper invite
King Conor's Supper invite

Join King Conor and his bards at the Navan Centre, Armagh, on Friday 19 June for a fabulous feast.

The mighty King Conor invites you to take your place at his sumptuous supper table in the feasting hall, which will be filled with music from internationally renowned Armagh Rhymers and stories from his bards.

King Conor’s Supper will begin at 7pm, with admission costing £16 per adult and £6 per child, covering both your food and entertainment.

You’re welcome to bring your own wine to the event and corkage will not be charged. The event is not suitable for children 
under 8 years.

Pre-booking is essential, so please visit