Kirsty carries her daddy’s coffin

The funeral cortege of David Neill
The funeral cortege of David Neill

BRAVE Kirsty Cahoon helped to carry her daddy’s coffin - six days after Davy Neill was stabbed to death outside his home in Craigavon.

The 19-year-old gripped the coffin tightly as the cortege left Parkmore following a private service in the family home.

More than 500 mourners filled the square for an emotional farewell to Mr Neill.

The popular father-of-two was laid to rest at St John’s Cemetery, Lylo after a private service at his home on Saturday.

Mr Neill had been stabbed to death during a violent attack outside his home the previous Sunday morning.

The service for Davy was private but hundreds gathered outside to wait for his coffin to emerge and pay their final respects.

For a moment the hearse and mourners stopped silently at the spot where Mr Neill was attacked. Scores of flower bouquets garlanded the lamp post and carpeted the grass around it.

At 7pm mourners regrouped at the square in Parkmore and lanterns were set free into the night sky in Davy’s memory.

And many mourners stayed on for a memorial street party close to his home. An empty chair was left for Davy with his favourite tipple on it (a can of Harp).

Davy’s 17-year-old daughter Nicole said on Facebook after the service: “My wee daddy had an amazing send off. Couldn’t have asked for better! My daddy would have loved it. It was a hard day but everyone was so supportive and the service was brilliant! RIP daddy I love you with all my heart wee man.”

Mr Neill is survived by his partner Kathy Cahoon, daughters Kirsty Cahoon and Nicole Neill and wide family circle.