Kitten is thrown from a moving car

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There’s been widespread disgust after police discovered a kitten had been thrown from a moving car in the Markethill area.

It’s believed the kitten was one of two thrown from a car at Mowan Road.

Police made the shocking discovery after they received a report that someone had thrown an object from a moving car on Thursday night.

In a social media post accompanied by a picture of the injured cat PSNI Armagh stated, “We attended and found one of the two objects.

“Yes that’s right some one has thrown two kittens from a moving car. Honestly.

“This is a picture of the kitten we managed to locate nearby as it had broken its shoulder when thrown from the car, the other one we have as yet been unable to locate.

“If you have any information regarding this incident please contact us on 101 quoting ref 1429 on 2nd June 16.

“If anyone happens to come across a kitten in the area that they think doesn’t belong there please contact us and help us reunite it with its sibling.

The police said they had a vet attend after they brought the kitten back to the station, and they do not need to find it a home.