Lane markings are to be introduced at new roundabout

Carla Lockhart at Flush Place.
Carla Lockhart at Flush Place.

Steps are to be taken to clear up the confusion over the roundabout at Flush Place linking to the new section of Millennium Way.

Following a number of calls for road markings on the roundabout, Carla Lockhart MLA has said she has had a positive meeting with Road Service in mid July.

She said: “I can confirm that markings will be placed on the roads leading into the roundabout giving directional information, however, they will not be placed on the road until the school traffic returns in September so they can get a better assessment of the issues and where they are required.

“I am frustrated that they can’t do it now but I understand the rationale behind leaving it for an extra month and getting it right. It is important that the confusion is put to bed and people know clearly what lane to be in depending on what exit they are taking.

“Additionally speed has been raised as an issue and as a result friction surface will be laid at the entrance ways.”