Learner driver was found to be over the drink drive limit

Craigavon Courthouse.
Craigavon Courthouse.

When police followed and stopped a car they found that the driver was a learner and that he had drink taken.

Sean McConville (20), Monbrief Walk, Lurgan, was banned from driving for 12 months last Wednesday at Craigavon Magistrates Court.

He was also fined £120 for driving with excess alcohol, fined £200 for not having insurance, £40 for not displaying ‘L’ plates and £60 for driving unsupervised.

The court heard that at 4am police saw a car being driven on the Lake Road, Craigavon. Checks revealed there was no insurance in place.

They spoke to the defendant who admitted he only had a provisional licence. There was a smell of alcohol on his breath and an evidential test gave a reading of 57 - the limit is 35.

Mr Conor Downey, defending, said this was very stupid behaviour. He added that McConville had consumed alcohol and should not have been driving.

District Judge, Mr Mervyn Bates, said that while the reading was not the highest what made it worse was that the defendant did not have a full licence.