Leash or no leash for dogs in park debate

LUrgan Park
LUrgan Park

Dogs on or off a leash in Lurgan Park is the latest debate after calls for more control of canines.

One man, Norman Donaldson, contacted the Mail saying the article calling for dogs to be kept on leads should not have been written.

He said claims by the dog walker that there were regular fights between dogs and owners were nonsense and he had never once seen a dog fight.

However on the Lurgan Mail Facebook page, dozens of people recounted stories of dog fights and made calls for dogs to be kept on a leash.

Alana Archer said: “Dogs should always be on a lead. My pup is only five months old and total hates all dogs because he was bit on the back leg by a dog that was not on a lead. Now he thinks every dog is going to do the same. I walk him down the park most days so yes he does see dogs all the time and has done from he was only 12 weeks old but if that dog had of been on a lead my dog would be fine.”

Jackie Anderson said: “I myself walk in the park regularly and I am afraid of dogs that I don’t know but don’t mind them off the lead as long as the owner can still control them.”

Jonathan McMahon said of last week’s article: “Very happy to see this article. I’ve lost count of the times I’ve been chased by dogs when I’ve been out running in the park. The worst of which was when I was bitten on the leg by a dog off the lead on the football pitches.”

Kenny Sterritt said, “My dog was attacked by two brown and white staffie’s a couple of weeks ago as I was of a peer round by the golf course both off their leads.”

Carl Williams said: “I am chairman of Free From Fear and responsible for informing the Mail of this problem. Should anyone wish to join you can do so by email to Lurgan_Park_Community_Assocation@outlook.com or by text message to 07548413135.”

Armagh Banbridge and Craigavon Council said: “Lurgan Park is extremely popular with members of the public and Council has received few complaints regarding dogs in this area.”