Left stolen items in back of taxi

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A 26-year-old man was jailed for 12 months last Friday at Craigavon Magistrates Court for a series of offences.

Reuben John Glen, Colban Crescent, Lurgan, appeared in court by way of videolink from Maghaberry prison.

He admitted burglary of a house in Church Walk, Lurgan, between April 18 and April 21 last year. For this offence he was given a six month custodial sentence.

Glen also given a concurrent three month term for disorderly behaviour and four months for criminal damage on December 13 last year.

Concurrent four month terms were imposed for two breaches of a non molestation order on August 4 and November 11 last year.

Glen also had suspended sentences hanging over him and six months of these were imposed to run consecutively with the other sentences making a total of 12 months in custody.

The court heard that on April 20 the occupier of a house in Church Place reported to a burglary. The living room had been ransacked and a television, medication and tools had been taken.

A taxi driver later returned the items saying a passenger had not been able to pay for his fare and had left the items in the taxi.

Glen was identified by a fingerprint and when interviewed said he could not remember anything because he had taken drink and drugs.

In the early hours of the morning on December 13 a fight took place in Union Street, Lurgan, and the defendant was shouting and swearing. He refused to calm down and was arrested for disorderly behaviour. His mother was at the police station and reported that Glen had trashed his bedroom and smashed a window.

On November 11 the defendant’s ex-partner claimed he had breached a non molestation order by going into a shop and asking for her details.

A solicitor representing Glen said the burglary was amateurish and at the time his client was heavily under the influence of alcohol and drugs.