Licence not valid

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After he bought a car cheaply a 25-year-old man was stopped while driving without insurance on February 27 this year.

And it was discovered last Wednesday at Craigavon Magistrates Court that his licence was not valid because of the time he had lived in this country.

Malan Fati, Selshion Parade, Portadown, was banned from driving for six months for not having insurance. He was fined £200.

The court heard he was stopped in Obins Street in Portadown. He said he was going to get the car insured. Fati, a defence solicitor said, had bought the car for £760.

He added that it had been impounded and he could not pay the release fee but a friend paid and took the car.

Mr Ingram said his client had since bought another car and had taken out insurance for it.

District Judge, Mrs Bernie Kelly, said that Fati’s licence which was handed in to court was not valid because he had lived here for a year.

She also pointed out that the insurance he took out would only cover him if he held a valid licence and she advised him to get a Northern Ireland licence.