Lighting not a bright idea

New LED streetlights, Waringstown. INLM2015-401
New LED streetlights, Waringstown. INLM2015-401

There has been a litany of complaints following last week’s story in the ‘MAIL’ highlighting the lack of lighting around the town.

A number of readers have been less than impressed with the new LED bulbs installed in street lights around the town and in rural areas.

Some have even warned it could lead to accidents, with drivers and motorcylists saying they have mistaken the lights for oncoming traffic in the dark.

Colette Curran described the lights as ‘terrible’ adding: “The streets are very dark. Probably just a way of saving money. Nothing wrong with the ones we had.”

Meanwhile Lisa King told us: “The Government are always complaining that they need to save money! Well they should have saved this money and left well alone. The light from them is non-existent. If it’s not broke don’t fix it.”

Tim Strain had a topical view, addressed to the Prime Minister: “Dear Mr Cameron, would you mind exchanging the £100,000 paid for a single Brimstone missile for decent street lighting for the tax paying public. I mean you only have 2,000 of them in stock!”

Lynne Murphy said: “Pathetic. I don’t feel safe now walking my dog in the evenings alone. Walked into the branch of a tree overhanging a footplate because it couldn’t be seen the other night, I was OK but my neighbour did the same thing just 5 minutes before me and cut her head.”

Last week SDLP Cllr Joe Nelson said the introduction of LED lighting here is a pilot scheme which the Department of Regional Development planned to roll out across the province.

He has conveyed concerns to the DRD and hoped that there would be a review.