Litter clean up a ‘great success’

Councillor Colin McCusker pictured with a rotting sheep carcass.
Councillor Colin McCusker pictured with a rotting sheep carcass.

LOCAL Ulster Unionist councillors took part in a litter pick as part of Tidy NI’s Big Spring Clean campaign recently.

The event, which attracted a number of volunteers was described by the councillors as “a great success”.

Speaking about the event, Ulster Unionist Councillor Colin McCusker said: “My whole family took part in what was a very enlightening and rewarding event.

“Litter is a real problem right across Northern Ireland, and it’s vital that we educate our young people from a very young age, that littering is wrong.

“My two children are well aware of what happens to ‘litter louts’. In just over two hours, we filled umpteen bags of rubbish. I came across the carcass of a dead sheep in the river, a car wheel - complete with tyre - a bicycle and lots and lots of bottles.

He continued: “This event was a real eye-opener for me, and I will be looking at ways of encouraging people to stop littering.”

Deputy Mayor, Alderman Arnold Hatch said: “While I knew litter was a problem in the borough, it’s not until you actually take the time to start gathering it up yourself, that you realise how careless people are with their litter.”

The event was organised in conjunction with the Inland Waterways Association of Ireland (IWAI). In thanking the Craigavon councillors for their participation, Brian Cassells, past president of the IWAI, said: “For years I have been campaigning for the inland waterways, and it was great to see local councillors actually taking the time to come out and see the issues we are facing.

“I really wish more politicians would get their hands dirty. Far too often they appear to prefer talking about the litter problem, rather than seeing it for themselves.”