Little Jay and his sister meet U.S. rapper Dr Dre

Jay meets Dre. IN46-009
Jay meets Dre. IN46-009

A PAIR of Lurgan siblings were happy to follow ‘doctor’s orders’ when they encountered a famous rapper on a trip to London at the weekend.

Jay (9) and his 14 year old sister Olivia Beattie met world-famous rapper and producer Dr Dre in Covent Garden on Saturday and such was the instant rapport between Jay and Dre that he and his sister were asked to help out with an ad campaign.

“It all happened by chance,” said their dad Martin Beattie, whose son and daughter had previously featured in a big screen ad in Times Square in New York to promote the Buddy Walk for the National Down Syndrome Society.

He continued: “Myself, my wife Aine, Olivia and Jay were going through Covent Garden and there was a crowd gathered. We could see lots of big, burly bodyguards and there was a big screen up so I assumed someone famous was about to arrive.

“A car arrived and lots more bodyguards got out. Then this fella got out and Olivia said, “That’s yer man Dr Dre”.

“As he walked through the crowd the next thing I knew Jay was holding hands with Dre and he was leading him through the crowd.

“Dre had been walking past and Jay had seen his big, shiny watch and went, “Wow”. Dre was immediately taken by him and we were all asked to go backstage. They wanted to get pictures of Jay and his sister to go up on the big screen to promote Dre’s new ‘b’ headphones.”

Jay, who goes to Tannaghmore Primary School, had his photo up with a logo reading ‘b DOWNS’ and both St Michael’s pupil Olivia and Jay were pictured with the ‘b FAMILY’ tagline.

Martin said: “It made Olivia’s weekend because she knew all about Dre. Jay just thought he was a nice man, he had no idea who he was.

“It was good that Jay and Olivia could help Dre promote his headphones and it was also good that Dre was helping to raise awareness for Down Syndrome.

“We are currently trying to raise as much awareness as possible as we have our new ‘Down’s & Proud’ website being launched at the end of the month. We also have a Facebook page for Down’s & Proud with all the latest information.”