Living room open in Moira main street

THE Living Room project is being run by volunteers from the local Baptist Church in Moira.

It is a unit that is part of the House of Eden situated toward the upper end of the Moira main street.

The unit is furnished as a living room, to the rear there is a library and kitchen facilities. There is a large courtyard out the back of the property.

A church member said: “As a church we exist to show the love of Jesus to those around us, but how can we show this love without connecting with the community we live in?

“Moira is a village with great needs and we want to find ways of helping our community. Creating a space where we can meet in a relaxed environment, chat and socialise with people and hopefully identify ways of being service to those around us.

“The use of The Living Room is an organic thing. We trust it will be used for many events as well as opening regularly during the week to provide library facilities, meeting place, social activities, etc.”

During the daytime it is open regularly from 10am until 1.30pm, Monday to Friday.