Local branch of RBL boasts record members

Roberta is presented with the award on behalf of Lurgan and Brownlow RBL by Northern Ireland president Mervyn Elder MBE.
Roberta is presented with the award on behalf of Lurgan and Brownlow RBL by Northern Ireland president Mervyn Elder MBE.

The Lurgan and Brownlow branch of the Royal British Legion are second only to one branch in Northern Ireland in terms of membership.

Their feat was recognised at the recent 94th Royal British Legion NI Conference and next year they’re hoping to go one better and win the award.

Chair Roberta McNally said: “I had the honour and pleasure to attend the conference with the Lurgan and Brownlow Branch Secretary Brian Odgers.

“It is always a very proud moment when the Queen’s message is read out by our NI President Mr Mervin Elder. Her acknowledgment and support for the work of the RBL is a great inspiration for those of us who hold office and everyone who works tirelessly for our veterans and their dependants.

“It was also a very proud moment when we were informed that research carried out by IPSOS MORI on behalf of the Charities Commission put us second only to CRUK as the most trusted charity. What an accolade!

She added: “When it came to the presentations it came as a great surprise when Lurgan and Brownlow were awarded runners up in the WR Knox cup for membership, which means we were second only to one other branch in our recruitment.

“Thanks must go to our membership secretary Linda Clarke. If you are interested in becoming a member of our branch please feel free to contact myself or any member of our branch committee, maybe next year we can win the award.”

Roberta added: “We are a membership organisation that rely heavily on the weight of our members when it comes to ensuring that our veterans are given the support and assistance that they deserve.

“We are currently lobbying MPs to change the regulations that will allow our veterans who were injured on or before April 6, 2005 to keep all of their compensation and not have to use it for social care, unlike veterans injured after this date.

“Some veterans lose half of their compensation each month due to this inequality.

“This is a campaign that David Simpson has given his full support to and he has assured me that he will fight tooth and nail to see the Insult to Injury campaign fully implemented.

She added: “The more members we have the greater chance we have when it comes to campaigns such as this. If anyone wishes to become a member they can leave their name and number in the RBL and I will contact them.”