Local chemist selling cannabis oil say they are struggling to meet demand

The cannabis oil on sale at a Portadown Pharmacy.
The cannabis oil on sale at a Portadown Pharmacy.

A Portadown pharmacy has started selling cannabis oil - and is already struggling to keep up with demand.

Given the level of demand they asked not to be named and were keen to point out the product was being sold purely as a food supplement, with no medical claims being made on its use.

They began selling the product after a member of staff had read an article about it and they had looked at stocking it from a legal, professional and ethical standpoint.

The oil comes from Cannabis Sativa L. and can be legally sold as long as it contains less than 0.2 percent THC - the substance in cannabis which causes people to ‘get high’.

As such the oil CANNOT make you high and is classed by the Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Authority as a food supplement and can only be sold as such.

The pharmacy were also keen to make clear they were making no medical claims about the product and that those purchasing it are being asked about medications they are currently using, as there are some medications the oil can interact with.

They also pointed out that anyone using the oil should not use it as a replacement for any medications they have been prescribed.

A spokesman said, “We are currently struggling to keep up with demand, especially as we are only selling it within legal and ethical bounds.”